Thoughts about building an SMS system

What a sunny day. Yesterday I decided to take one more class – Math221 to discover the possibility of math majoring. I don’t know if it’s possible for me to triple major in CS, ECE and math but we’ll see.

Recently I’ve been thinking how I can improve my Wheeshare app. I believe protecting user privacy should be of high priority, so the app could be better with a built-in SMS system like Taobao’s Aliwangwang or WeChat. However building such thing is no easy – from the data structure of chats to UI design to speed enhancement. No one wants a chat screen that lags. I have to think of an efficient architecture. If everything goes perfectly, I will upload the project to GitHub for others to use.

For the chat screen, I plan to use a UITableView to hold every chat message, with user thumbnail profile picture on each side. I will make a NIB file for the chat bubble and add a UILabel in it to display chat. One technical challenge would be how to update messages if the user received a new one. I will look into Parse API documentation to look for a notification API so that my app can observe the database on the user’s phone.

As for the general structure, I would like to create and store an object for each pair of users (if they started chatting, of course) and label it with two users’ IDs. When the app inits it tries to retrieve chats from online database with the current user ID. Inside each object I store an array of chat messages, each labeled with its sender.

Another technical challenge: how to cache all messages locally? For now, my tentative solution is to use CoreData so that I can directly push any updated chat object into the Core Data Stack. It sounds so simple right now but I am 100% sure it will give me a headache when I try to implement it.

One other problem to think about is whether to keep the connection between two users after they ended their relationship as borrower/lender. Again this is a privacy issue that I need to think about.

Other than this SMS system plan, I need to somehow restrict the app’s area. I probably need to get users’ locations and limit the access to Duke University for now to prevent possible malicious data attack. Thank you for watching, that’s it for today.

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