Progress of Wheeshare

Wheeshare has finally achieved all of its necessary functionalities. Before it could provide functions such as request, approve request and lend, but it was impossible for user to “step back” from the relationships with cancel request or re-lend item. Now users are able to cancel their requests and owners of items can re-lend their stuff once they have them back from the last borrowers. Besides this breaking relationship improvement, users can now view the status of their items in the main table view, such as “lended to Bill” or “requested by Jason”.

The logic of the relationship is pretty efficient. I used a little bit of binary spirit while designing it. Each item has three variables relevant to the borrow-lend relationship: giver, requester, and connected. Among these three, giver and requester are of type PFUser (user class written by Parse, which tragically is going to close in one year, fml), and connected is a Bool. Giver for an item is the owner and cannot be changed for the lifespan of the item. Whenever a user requests an item, the requester variable of the item will be given the value of this user. Connected means if the relationship is successfully built. If the owner presses “approve request”, connected will be changed to true.

Therefore, two free variables produce three possible outcomes:

  1. requester is not null and connected is false. The item is currently available and no one has requested.
  2. requester is someone and connected is false. The item is requested but not approved yet.
  3. requester is someone and connected is true. The item is in a borrow-lend relationship.

requester is null && connected is true cannot happen because that doesn’t make any sense.

As for deleting the items, owners are not allowed to delete their items on the platform if the items are requested or in a relationship. They are prompted to take care of the requests.

Things to do: improve UI HARD. If I knew I would be developing iOS apps, I would have gone to some art clubs back in high school. Switch to another online database or write one by myself with php and SQL. The latter would be challenging but also very rewarding.

The other day I discovered an app called PartiO, which aims at exactly the same thing as my app – let students share their stuff. The only difference is that they let people share with profits. I have already contacted them and wish to help them improve the product. Hopefully we will achieve something together.

OK these last two paragraphs just made me add “Babbles” to the category of this post.

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