3D iOS Brick Breaking Game

Today I made this brick breaking game on iOS with SceneKit following a tutorial. With SceneKit, an SCNView contains an SCNScene in which SCNNodes appear and animate. Nodes are added to SCNScene by adding it as a child node of rootNode. XCode also provides a very nice Scene Editor so 3D elements can be created there.

Physical collisions are represented using bitmask, just like SpriteKit. Delegates are also there to perform different actions at different stages of collisions. Contact nodes are passed in as parameters so developers can do whatever they want with nodes that are colliding.

In SCNScene, there are also very interesting features such as cameras. You can add multiple cameras and switch between them. You can also change camera positions based on how users interact with the game. Besides cameras, lights are there to make it more fun – professional photographers will find things familiar! In this game there are front light, back light and also a gradient light. These three lights are believed to provide the best user experience.

3D is so fun!

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