Day 3 Week 2 on JFLAP

Today I continued the development of right-click menu by integrating it to FAEditor. I also did a nice thing to future developers. I moved the function of showing right-click menu to Commands.js so multiple html files can integrate this function. Then I moved on to improve funcionalities of conversion exercise. A bug in FA.js with lambda closure was fixed. The reason was different representations of lambda symbol. In one js file it was a string from char code but in another it was /$lambda;. Besides all these, I also fixed a bug in NFA to DFA which caused the exercise to fail after reset. The reason was multiple bindings of click handleers, similar to what I encountered yesterday.

I spent most of the day struggling with grading of the exercise. There is an exercise feature in JSAV but the documentation is written POORLY. For some reason if I add exercise.gradeableStep() to mark a step as part of grading, that step is executed forever in modelAnswer function. I am going to try one last time tomorrow morning. If I fail I am going to use my own method for grading. I am thinking letting the program solve the problem in a standard way along with the student. In this way the exercise can provide feedback whenever the student does something different from the standard answer. However, this will lose the functionality of a test, but rather is an exercise.

If you are a developer for JFLAP summer 2017 and you’re reading this. I’ve got one piece of advice for you: take good care of your neck. Make sure the muscles are not under too much pressure and take a break every other hour. My pain in the neck is greatly decreasing my efficiency this week.

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