Day 1 Week 3 on JFLAP

Today I added one more function to right click menu – delete node. Now you can right click a node to delete it from the graph. I then reenabled the functionality of adding multiple nodes after one click of add nodes. To enhance user experience a little more, I added a cancelbutton which can cancel all temporary conditions of the graph. This button can also be activated by pressing the ESC key on the keyboard. However, for some reason I generated a but: adding edges function is not highlighting the first node clicked as before.

A new functionality was implemented today –FAFixer. This type of exercise provides a malformed finite state machine, a language and lets students fix the machine. There is also a tester for students to use. For creating this kind of exercise, I also added editing graph function in Exercise Generator. You can click on edit graph to edit the graph provided to students for that problem. The graphs are then saved in localStorageand transformed to JSON when users finish.

edit graph functionExercise Generator with Editing Graph

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