Marble Maze 3D iOS Game

This is another 3D iOS game I completed the other day. Similar to the brick breaking game, it is also using SceneKit as the tool. One thing different is that this game uses game.scn as the main scene and references other scenes as child nodes, such as the ball here. Altering the properties of the scenes referenced will alter their appearance in the main scene as well.

Physical properties are again set with bit mask. The ball is configured with properties such as diffuse, specular, and normal maps. Lights on the ball indicate life. When the light is out, the ball dies. Players have to tilt their phone to get to where pearls are at in order to replenish their lives.

The camera is set to slowly follow the motions of the ball. Its position is also set relatively to the ball so that it follows at all times.

I might add more features to this game when I have time. Just like in the game Ballance, maybe I could add some ramps and springs so players can truly have fun with this game! SceneKit is so fascinating.

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