Day 3 Week 7 on JFLAP

  1. minimize DFA

    check for partition completeness fixed: the program no longer alerts the partition is not completed when it is.

    variable minimizedEdges changed to 2D array with node(FAState) as parameters. minimizedEdges[i][j] is an array of characters on the edge from node i to node j

    add trap states before everything so the program can run on incomplete DFAs

  2. Regular Expression

    no unnecessary parentheses are added

  3. FA.js

    right click menu no longer disables dragging

    dragging no longer unhighlights nodes that are originally highlighted

  4. FAEditor

    notify the user about current action: toRE

    regular expression now shows as the title of the page


Demo of FA – RE – NFA – DFA – minimize DFA:

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