Class Database in Duke-CSA app

For the July 4th weekend I added the class database collected by CSA to the app. The database contains past students’ comments about classes at Duke. Since people in CSA wanted it in the app, I looked into this yesterday.

The ‘database’ is actually a Google form document. I downloaded as csv and then used an online converter to convert it to JSON, which can be read by iOS. To make the networking of the app consistent, I uploaded the JSON file to Parse instead of my own server. After getting the JSON asynchronously from the internet, I’m saving all of the ‘courses’ into the memory and load the UITableView. This doesn’t fill the memory because all information is just plain text.

I then classified the courses based on the first character of their class numbers and added an index list by the table view so users can go to courses with a certain starting letter by clicking on the index list. I also added a search controller with scope buttons, so users can search by class number, class name, professor of the class, or all of the above. Clicking on a search result or a normal course will bring the user to a detail view of the course, which presents all information we have about the course.

I really want to know how to let users ‘bounce scroll’ to the next class available. This will be very handy when they want to view the next or the earlier comment on the same class. Instead of going back to the table view, using only one gesture (scroll) will be a huge boost of user experience.

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