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I’ve decided to make a summary of my past projects here. I have spent most of my free time on iOS development, and also explored some web development using PHP and JavaScript. In the past summer I used JavaScript to work on an educational software for a CS professor here at Duke.

I’ve ordered them according to my personal preference:)

  1. DukeCSA

DukeCSA (on GitHub) is the iOS app started by Jay Wang (currently a senior at Duke) to fit the needs of Duke Chinese Student Association. I joined the team around Christmas 2015. It combined many useful functionalities:

  • events post – users can view upcoming and past events hosted by DukeCSA. They can sign up or comment on the events in the app.
  • Q&A – students can ask their peers about life at Duke. This section is like Quora for Duke.
  • Class Database – users can view a massive (1000+) collection of comments on courses offered here at Duke to help them make choices.
  • Crush – users can express their secret admiration to others. If there is a match, both users will get notifications.
  • Web event poster – a web interface for the CSA committee to post a new event. The event will then be saved to our database and all users will be notified. The user does not need to write any code.

short demos:
notification indication

web interface

Read more about iOS projects


2. JFLAP web

JFLAP (Java Formal Language and Automata Package) is an educational software about finite state machines, Moore and Mealy machines, Turing machines etc. I worked on building the online version of JFLAP and integrating JFLAP into OpenDSA (Data Structures and Algorithms) project.

The job included designing and implementing the user interface, optimizing and implementing the algorithms and migrating Java version to JavaScript. I learned about formal languages and automata as well as software development.

short demo:

more about JFLAPmore about OpenDSAdevelopment blog, web demo


3. 3D iOS games

I also learned about 3D iOS game development. Below are demo videos of them:

Marble Maze – gravity-controlled



4. Tank Battle

This is a homework project in my software development class, but I treat it more than that. The game features elements such as stone, brick, grass and water. The player needs to protect the base and eliminate enemies. The game also uses permanent storage to present a leader board.


The design comes from the classic video game battle city.


5. Blog Post System

A blog post system written mainly with PHP. Responsive to both desktop and mobile devices. Users are able to view all posts without logging in and post articles or comments when logged in. Data is stored in MYSQL database. APIs are also built for possible iOS app development in the future.

demo: (It’ll probably be more fun if you could read Chinese)


6. Wheeshare

(my first iOS app!). This is an iOS app that promotes sharing among Duke students. I completed this project with grant from Duke CoLab, my current employer.
On the platform, students are able to post their belongings to lend, or to browse through the available items and request to borrow with one click. Students can also easily manage their posts.


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