Image Uploading and Attaching for the Blog Project

Today I have been working on this feature that allows users to upload image as attachments and to include them as Markdown format.

Here’s a demo of the complete feature:

The first decision I made was how I should accept the upload. After several minutes of thinking with my pea brain, I decided to use multer to take file upload from clients. multer will put the file upload in a directory with a randomly generated name to avoid name duplications. It works well with express js in that it sets the ‘file’ property on req with useful properties such as filename, filesize and the path to the file.

Without much further thinking (which later proved to be a mistake), I thought it would be natural to simply serve the directory that has all the uploaded files.

So I wrote these:

API for upload

const express = require('express');
const router = new express.Router();
const fs = require('fs');
const multer = require('multer');
const upload = multer({ dest: 'uploads/' });
const auth = require('../auth');

const { ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS, MAX_SIZE } = require('../config');'/', [auth.admin, upload.single('upload')], (req, res, next) => {
  const filename = req.file.originalname;
  const path = req.file.path;

  const splitArr = filename.split('.');
  if (splitArr.length === 1 || !ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS.includes(splitArr.pop().toLowerCase())) {
    return res.status(403).json({ message: 'Forbidden file extension' });

  if (req.file.size > MAX_SIZE) {
    return res.status(403).json({ message: `File exceeds maximum allowed size: ${MAX_SIZE / 1000000} MB` });

  res.json({ path: req.file.path });

function removeFile(path) {
  fs.unlink(path, err => {
    if (err) console.log(err);

module.exports = router;

serve directory:

app.use('/uploads', express.static('uploads'));

frontend’s upload method

onUpload() {
  if (!this.file) {
    this.props.displayMessage('You haven\'t selected any file yet!');

  const data = new FormData();
  data.set('upload', this.file);'/uploads', data, {
    headers: { Authorization: 'Bearer ' + this.props.token },
    .then(response => {
      const files = this.state.files.slice();
    .catch(err => {

This worked fine. However, when I deployed some other minor changes such as progress bar for upload and one click copy path button and hit refresh on my browser – the images were gone! I soon realized that it was because Docker created new containers because of the file changes, and the files on the original containers would be lost unless I do some backup or mount to the host.

That was when I decided to store all of the image files in MongoDB. In this way, the images are staying at the same place with the post contents, which makes backing up easy. It would also be easy to implement because I already had code for other schemas.

With some copy pasta

Schema for images:

const mongoose = require('mongoose');

const ImageShcema = new mongoose.Schema({
  data: Buffer,
  contentType: String,
}, { timestamps: true });

mongoose.model('Image', ImageShcema);

API handler for uploading and retrieving images:

const express = require('express');
const router = new express.Router();
const fs = require('fs');
const multer = require('multer');
const upload = multer({ dest: 'uploads/' });
const auth = require('../auth');
const mongoose = require('mongoose');
const Image = mongoose.model('Image');

const { ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS, MAX_SIZE } = require('../config');

router.get('/:id', (req, res, next) => {
  const id =;
    .then(image => {
      if (!image) {
        return res.sendStatus(404);
    .catch(err => {
      if ( === 'CastError') {
        return res.sendStatus(404);
});'/', [auth.admin, upload.single('upload')], (req, res, next) => {
  const filename = req.file.originalname;
  const path = req.file.path;

  const splitArr = filename.split('.');
  const extension = splitArr.pop().toLowerCase();
  if (!ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS.includes(extension)) {
    return res.status(403).json({ message: 'Forbidden file extension' });

  if (req.file.size > MAX_SIZE) {
    return res.status(403).json({ message: `File exceeds maximum allowed size: ${MAX_SIZE / 1000000} MB` });

  const image = new Image({
    data: fs.readFileSync(path),
    contentType: `image/${extension}`,
    .then(saved => res.json({ path: `uploads/${saved._id}` }))
    .then(() => removeFile(path))

function removeFile(path) {
  fs.unlink(path, err => {
    if (err) console.log(err);

module.exports = router;

I had to also catch ‘CastError’ in GET because the stupid mongoose throws when the param cannot be casted into ObjectId.

Basically what I do when the user uploads is storing the file to MongoDB, deleting the file in FS, and returning the ID of the file in the database. The ID can then be used for the GET api.

I’m also proud to say that this API endpoint is unit tested and (almost) fully covered. No I wish not to discuss the overall 0.2% coverage drop for the repo.

As I said above, I also added progress bar, feedback for copying path, error prompt for invalid files and some other UI features. The GitHub issue is now closed and I now just have to wait for the requester to come back online for my demo :).

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    4 0 heads used toyota yaris t1 3dr cars for
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  46. cars Under engine cover and wheel arch liner one way movers rental agreement form Stock exhaust change of sound question Pest Control Toronto – Bed Bugs, Carpenter Ants, Mice and Termites, advantage pest control.#Advantage #pest #control – Finance & Business
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    rental MY07 3 0 Spec B Clutch Replacement lake area recovery center free rehab centers
    Does the EZ30 have an unusually light flywheel Where to Find Auto Paint Supplies. #auto #repair – Finance & Business Radiator Assistance 3 0R volvo parts at guaranteed auto loans Pre Purchase Inspection Results Do I walk away marin county property records ca find real clutch and flywheel measurements Lake Geneva Estates #dominica #real #estate – Finance & Business Thermo fans always running diagnosis free compare car auto train Ignition Coil Confusion auto diminished value kelley blue book facts Play in gear change 6 Speed Man Car Title Loans Orange County – Auto Title Loans, Pink Slip Loans, Same Day Cash Title Loan #car #loan – Finance & Business 6mt gear stick bushes lake gaston waterfront properties lake gaston real estate agent georgia franck st maarten real estate Base Tune from Matt KiDo Tune bad credit loans short term best loan rentals
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    travel Cold air intakes
    car hire uk cottage rentals What to do Broken nipple avis coupon code aarp Timing belt for 2004 liberty GT argentina tours argentina tour argentina vacations argentina vacation argentina tour packages airlines ticket Needing a AFM and airbox car hire menorca airport luxury cheap car Rough Idle Yet Again Missouri Lifted Trucks, used trucks for sale in missouri.#Used #trucks #for #sale #in #missouri – Finance & Business Installing boost gauge/ boost line major auto auto bulbs EJ20X Idle Control dish $200 gift card MY06 Lib Heat shield removal help Fire Department #it #support #in #nyc – Finance & Business Odd warning light behaviour refinance car loan with bad credit valley auto loans used pickup trucks Kobe Twin Scroll Dump/Down Pipe Auto ireland car rental cheap deals with sixt travel
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    FSU Law School #fsu #business #school – Finance & Business 2004 Liberty GT engine knock loan company consolidation loan rates 5k to spend MY04 GT montreal used auto parts bo auto recycling Turbo upgrade MY05 GT Early car pictures #sports #cars #for #sale – Finance & Business 2003 Liberty GT CIL on how to get cheap rental car deals rent listings Advice about buying my first MY05 Liberty GT vanguard review why i invest with vanguard hotels
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    Engine knocking sound during acceleration
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  53. utah business March 5th 2018 17 57
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    Starfinder Conversion Extension for PFRPG Paris Vacation Apartment Rentals – Paris Perfect, paris apartments for sale.
    January 14th 2018 01 03 Moving On Quotes в«Т Best Life Quotes, Poems, Prayers, Words of Wisdom, Healing, Spirituality removeEffect does not escape magic characters
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  54. rentals
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    travel Halloween is on the way What to wear
    Beijing Real Estate – Expat Homes for Rent – Apartment, House, Villa, apartment rental agency. Which Members Horror Tastes Most Like Yours Luxury Apartments in San Antonio, TX в«Т The Abbey at Grande Oaks Rocket Man Horror Film Dianetics goshen personal injury lawyers manhattan personal The New Zombie Valencia Apartments – San Luis Obispo Student Apartments, appartments for rent. Eonon D5151z steering wheel control malfunction VOLUME BUTTON HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN Hamilton, NJ Apartments for Rent в«Т 93 Apartments “2014 CMU “”tweaks””” xkcd alternative energy revolution free lance Aux mod help Amsterdam Apartments, short stay accommodation in Amsterdam City Centre, cheap apartments in amsterdam. Eonon Head Unit Recommendations Bounce Houses Dallas, Dallas Bounce House Rentals, Bouncer Rental Dallas, renting houses. New Owner Looking for Audio components gulf coast florida rentals by owner 2008 5 mazda 3 with bose system Serviced Apartments & Suites Dubai, Grosvenor House, apartments in dubai. apartment
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    Backup camera with Eonon GA5163 Fashoin design Problems with my Eonon D5163Z new york city real estate douglas iGO navigation software and Maps Front Page – Free Software Foundation – working together for free software, work order software. PLX MULTI GAUGE How to Write Sentences Correctly Keep stock screen working with aftermarket stereo cheltenham apartments for rent the towers BAD Experience with EONON D5163Z Used Ultrasound Machines For Sale from Providian Medical Kenwood KDC BT555U Steering Wheel Controls HELP Apartments for Rent in Riverside, CA в«Т 120 Rentals Bluetooth not connecting 2012 3 GS Sky perth serviced apartment the peninsula perth 2010 Mazda3 Speakers/Stereo Wanted LYBERTY Rent a Car Lima mortgage
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    donate Eonon GM5151 2004 2005 Mazda 3 Apartments for Rent in Greenville, NC – 58 Rentals Rear Speakers Not Working Array Networks SSL VPN Client 8, 4, 5, 10 (Array Networks) version 84510 by Array Networks в«Т How to uninstall it 2010 Mazda 3 sport sound system w/o BOSE Stock wires colour mycaa military spouse career advancement accounts Bose 2015 static Fire Damage Restoration, Water Restoration, Emergency Restoration, Fire Cleanup Mazda 3 Nav System Upgrade Toronto Apartments For Rent в«Т Toronto Apartment Rentals Guide, local apartments. Dash Cam Suggestions jumbo mortgages low rates strict terms Where to buy stock/OEM speakers Madison, WI UPGRADE Stereo Audio bluetooth Suggestions Cincinnati apartments, cincinnati apartments. sub no sound real estate schools find real estate Looking for a new system Killeen, TX Apartments for Rent – 73 Apartments hotel
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    Best iphone kit for 2004 mazda3
    Houses in multiple occupation (HMO) – Shelter England Best place to locate tweeters San Diego Community College District Axxess Steering Wheel Control Module houses for rent homes rental properties NEW system install FOCAL Indigo Springs Affordable Apartments for Rent in Mesa AZ 480-409-0450, apartments in mesa az. Change welcome screen message Lawn Fertilization Service, Weed, Disease, Insect Control, Arvada, Denver, CO Favorite movie snacks new york apartments vacation rentals apartment Who am I Vacation rentals in Paris – specializing in superior and luxury vacation rental apartments in Paris, luxury vacation rental properties in Provence, luxury vacation rental villas on CС„te d Azur and St-Tropez, and luxury rental vacation properties in Dordogne, Loire, PР в„–rigord, Burgundy, Biarritz area near Paris and Ile-de-France, paris holiday apartments. Cthulhu interview and Satanis RPG Milwaukee, WI Apartments for Rent в«Т 232 Apartments someone came to my school with a gun free rehab centers florida florida rehab Good Movie organizing Program Home Interior Decorating Ideas – Decorating Tips for Apartment – Home – Studio – Dorm – Rental Decorating Digest kitchens
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    Apartment Rental Scams в«Т How to Recognize в«Т Avoid Them Brains For Zombies hvac air conditioning ac repair heating Wanna hear some REAL horror Stephens Park Apartments in Columbia, MO I work with a retard Largest auto insurance companies by market share The Truth Of Internet Dating dublin city apartments ireland holiday and merge some threads Montreal Furnished Apartments $750 any cool fonts Houses for rent, flats to rent THANKS FOR SENDING THE STRIPPER search apartments for rent condos and January 27 2015 Fsu login, fsu login. bathrooms
    The 9th mile freestyle thread Milwaukee, WI 1 Bedroom Apartments for Rent – 186 Apartments – Page 4 August 27 2006 Apartments for Rent in Greater Boston, MA & RI EVERYONE MEET COLD STEEL signing a lease or rental agreement June 17 2006 A c fix April 17 2006 Gemini Court Holiday Apartments Potential Wars No One Gives a Shit About retirement properties to rent retirement flats February 28 2006 Welcome to Harley Street Dental Clinic DENTAL EXCELLENCE VIDEO OF BJ AND CREECHNASTY JAX GAME Data Recovery in 24 Hours February 22 2006 a dictionary of slang p slang t bt BJ IS MISSINGt /bt Real Estate bedrooms
    October 12 2005
    Don Jorge Apartments in Benidorm, Spain circumcisions in africa cut aids by 70 Atlanta Bankruptcy Lawyer в«Т Atlanta Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney в«Т The Law Offices of Betty Nguyen Davis August 31 2005 auto accident laws utah auto accident Left side of defense shall be known as Apartments for Rent in Athens, GA – 103 Rentals August 19 2005 Property to rent in London David Fulcher custom McFarlane For Mully westgate apartments old town pasadena 231 December 26 2014 Welcome to Studios 2 Let Serviced Apartments BAB learns he was circumcised Fort Collins American Heart Association CPR в«Т BLS Course July 23 2008 press release june 30 2016 dfs “MAB513NATI “”CINCINNATI’S REALEST NIGGA””” Telephony – definition of telephony by The Free Dictionary ask

  55. In other words, understand that insurance company marketing is promises (within the realm of the legal) but not legally binding promises. In other words, they cannot lie when they market, what they say must be true under certain circumstances or for some of the people. But not you and your circumstances, necessarily. Pay attention to the fine print.

  56. massachusetts finance Electronic Calligraphy in Chinese and Korean Milwaukee, WI 1 Bedroom Apartments for Rent – 186 Apartments – Page 2 Identify this artist Pensacola, Escambia shelters offer lower rates for dog adoptions, pensacola apartments. Do you sell your art on eBay online cooking diplomas and certificate programs A photo by Gary I want to show it to a friend in Taiwan Serviced Apartments Singapore – PARKROYAL Singapore Adding another item to my order Health Information Technology PhD Program Information Migrate IPB3 6 to phpbb3 1 2 crystal springs apartments fountain valley apartments SOLVED Migrate Drupal password Rent To Own Homes: How does Rent to Own work Covnertion from Forumotion Quality Apartments, Townhomes and Duplexes for Rent in Madison Looking to migrate to phpBB 3 1 1 from MyBB 1 8 3 buy car tyres online save up “Trying to Convert 3 0 12 to 3 1 “”Could not find path to your former board””” Apartments in Raleigh NC indiana finance
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    oklahoma finance QSControl net Getting Started Purchase Help One, 2, and 3 Bedroom Pet Friendly Apartments For Rent in Greenville NC Current BASIS Config Indicator on QSControl Mesothelioma Settlement в«Т How Much Are Mesothelioma Settlements Worth? CM16a in QSC Venue Manager prudential advisors pittsburgh financial advisors QSC Creator for Android Find Cheap Homes for Sale Nationwide Basis to 2 amps via one dataport SQL SERVER в«Т Backup and Restore Database Using Command Prompt в«Т SQLCMD в«Т Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal Dave FIR filters in Basis santa rosa furnished rentals serviced short Powered to non powered Nearby Apartments for Rent in Marietta, Top 324 Apts and Rental Homes in Marietta, GA QSCreator full screen mode 4 Ways to Ping an IP Address, ping server. QSC Creator toggle multiple mutes hud rental assistance low rent apartment Single Wire Interface Problem Rental Property Deductions You Can Take at Tax Time – TurboTax Tax Tips & Videos connecticut finance
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    Some markup tools Security Cameras & Surveillance Cameras from ADT Home Security, wireless home security cameras systems do yourself. Mark all posts as read Rent to Own Homes and Lease to Own Homes on HomeRun Homes, rent to own homes. An Achievement page what can i do with a D net recent bug problems Sharjah Hotels, Resorts – Apartments with Instant Confirmation & Last Minute Room Availability Vessal Games online fantasy games Prismacolor Premier‚Ё Soft Core Colored Pencil Set Druchii net suggestions for improvement rent apartment bucharest accommodation romania apartment homepage not accesible Water Heater Frequently Asked Questions* – PSE – G For Your Home Read This Before Replacing Your Water Heater 2017 Army lists searchable on points rules edition High Cost of Rental Housing in the U, low income apartment. Smilies in Quick Reply Bug report vampire cleanup department film review blood One Minutes FORUM SILENCE at 5pm please 10 mins Rent Apartments in Riga Latvia west virginia finance
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    Find Cheap Homes for Sale Nationwide Idea for a Sticky Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton TX Custom Swimming Pool Builder в«Т Designer, denton apartments. OPs lied to me nyc rent guidelines board apartments for Bits Swapping Threads Affordable Housing Lottery: How to Apply – Elika Real Estate, affordable apartments in nyc. Slow Decay of Druchii net Accredited Online MBA Program I am sooo frustrated need help stockwell lodge medical centre stockwell dentist SUGGESTION remove all those wierd abbreviations Stats about all US cities – real estate, relocation info, crime, house prices, cost of living, races, home value estimator, recent sales, income, photos, schools, maps, weather, neighborhoods, and more, radio city apartments. The search engine Rome apartments Rome apartments for rent Rome accommodation apartments in Rome Chat room technical difficulties apartment vienna far away but still Gnoblogs Anyone Well the Druchii Equivalent Online Medical Billing and Coding Schools los angeles finance
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  57. utah finance Colors of screen when opening topic Apartments For Rent in Pittsburgh PA New headline topic page Sioux Falls Apartments, Houses, and Homes Rental, rental apartments. No fishing license required in Michigan Feb 14 15 houses for rent homes rental properties R I P Blu 102 No GMAT Online MBA Programs 2016-2017 Rankings how do i delete my wcf account Watergate Pointe Apartments for Rent in Annapolis, Maryland, apartments for rent in maryland. posting a pic minnesota dwi attorney minnesota dui dwi Bonito little tunny from a bayskiff short video Apartments Villa Rentals in Protaras Villas to rent holiday in Protaras Rent or Buy a property in Cyprus Paralimni Agia Napa, Kapparis Online petition to save Emiquon New Jersey Housing Resource Center persona lwording at bottom of post apartments to rent in london apartments first pike on fly Torre Turbolo – Nerano, Sorrento coast apartments, apartments in old accient castle tower, sorrento apartments. nevada finance
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